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Dinner Party Basics September 29, 2010

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Dinner Party Basics.


Pick a Theme for the First Party! August 13, 2010

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The school year is just around the corner! Help us chose which theme we should go with for our first party. You can add you own suggestions, too!


Pre-Gaming! July 29, 2010

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This summer, I’ve been living in Orlando, interning for Campus Crusade for Christ. I am so lucky to have the beautiful Ms. Sarah Leick here with me! Every once in a while, we’ll get excited about the coming up year and we talk about all the parties we’re going to have with our friends!

One thing that’s helped is the fact that we’ve been shopping at JoAnn Fabrics, which just makes us feel all crafty. Another thing that’s getting me pumped is that my spiritual gifts test revealed that I have the gift of hospitality. How perfect!

Sarah and I have been brainstorming, and let me just tell you, this year of cooking, decorating and hosting is going to be fabulous!

Let the games begin!

I mean, once I get home from Orlando.

sarah and jessica at a cafe

Sarah and me in Winter Park, Florida.