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Home Cookin’ November 13, 2010

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Hey y’all, this is Amy, writing from home in Texas.  I was able to take this weekend to come home, rather than coming home for Thanksgiving, because it is a more logical time, the plane tickets were cheaper, and I had off of school for veterans day. A beautiful combination of things that have lead to a wonderful weekend with my family and friends.  One of the things that I’m doing with my mother today is learning how to cook some traditional Cuban food.  We have my Abuela here to help us with the details we are unsure of as we make Ropa Vieja, Frijoles and Tostones. Presently the beef is cooking away in the Crockpot and the beans are soaking.  I’ve been wanting to learn how to make these foods, and am glad to have this opportunity. I’ll let you know how it goes and will try to get a good picture to post.

Keep checking in with the blog, the posts should start coming more regularly as we plunge into this food filled holiday season!

Also, I want to hear from you! Do you have any foods that you associate with home? What are they and do you know how to make them?


My Anthro Apron September 23, 2010

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I love the polka-dots and adorable bow on the pocket!

Around a year ago, before this lovely blogs conception, I was spending some time taking a study break by browsing through the beautiful things for sale at Anthropologie.com.  It was then that I happened upon a section in home goods (it was quite a long break, I only enter that half of the website after looking through all the clothes and shoes) with the loveliest aprons I had ever seen. At the time, my favorite was The Lady’s Apron, by Jesse Steele.

While I loved the apron, I did not purchase it as at the time because I lacked opportunities to be wearing it, and because while I love Anthropologie, they are a bit pricey for my college student budget (the aprons range from $28 to $38).

But somewhere in developing the concept for this blog, LisieMarie and I included the thought that each hostess should have a beautiful apron to wear when they hostess, you know, to set them apart from everyone else. What a perfect excuse for spending money on an apron from Anthropologie!

And so about a month ago LisieMarie and I went on an excursion to Anthropologie, where we purchased for ourselves lovely aprons.  While I still love The Lady’s Apron, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it.  I guess somewhere between last year and the present, my understanding of myself and my style changed a little… so instead I purchased the Bountiful Bubbles apron. And its beautiful. And I love it.

My hostessing event isn’t for a while still, so I have yet to capture a picture of myself wearing my beloved apron, but will get one soon and will add it to this post 🙂

Hope your Thursday is lovely!


Welcome to Hardly Perfect Hostesses! April 15, 2010

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We are very excited to begin this adventure, but are still working out the details.  Please check back in August!