Hardly Perfect Hostesses

7 girls learning to make life beautiful…

About The Hostesses April 8, 2010

Get To Know The Girls:

Amy was almost born to be a hostess. She has always enjoyed cooking and plating food, but relishes the opportunity to share her food with others.  Outside of the kitchen, Amy’s interests include fashion, literature (faves include Jane Austen’s Persuasion and C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia), traveling, blogs (both writing and following), psychology, art, poetry and Greek/Roman mythology. If she could be anywhere in the world it would either be on a park swing in the shade, on a warm day with a cool breeze or in an Anthropologie.  Amy’s last meal would consist of her mother’s spaghetti with meatballs and Italian sausage, garlic bread (because you just can’t have spaghetti without garlic bread!), a can of Dr Pepper, and a large bowl of Breyers’ Chocolate Ice Cream on top of a homemade chocolate chunk brownie.  About hostessing Amy believes, “It’s all about the people. The food can be perfect, the decorations flawless, and our outfits fierce, but everyone should feel welcome and loved for the evening to be a success.”

Anna arrived in the wonderful beautiful land of Arizona after surviving a childhood on the cold and harsh East Coast.  Her favorite things include big silver earrings, the color purple, the sun and hot weather, dancing her heart out, and showing people God’s love through gigantic bear hugs.  After discovering a hidden passion for hostessing, Anna decided it was absolutely necessary that she learn to cook well enough to match her heart’s desires.  However, Anna’s desire to cook is about 95% for other people… So… Her last dinner would consist of macaroni and cheese and chocolate chip cookies.  🙂  When asked about hostessing, Anna says, “I want to be a stay at home mom someday, so I want to learn to hostess as well as I possibly can!”

Annalise came to the Valley of the Sun from her beautiful home state of Wyoming.  Her personal style includes cowboy boots and sundresses, and her loves are reading, tea, rain, blogging, daisies, photography and Jesus Christ.  She finds her place of peace on a mountaintop in Wyoming under the stars, with cool night air and the vanilla smell of Ponderosa pines.  An admittedly picky eater, Annalise was inspired by her sisters to start cooking in college in order to be more bold and healthy with her eating choices.  Her last meal would consist of a spinach salad with fruit and nuts, Pasta a Limon, a well-cooked steak with garlic, fresh-squeezed lemonade and a dessert of chocolate mousse with raspberries and strawberries. Of hostessing, Annalise says “Feeding people I care about and eating with them makes my soul happy. Hostessing for me is an expression of love.” She looks forward to trying new foods and learning to decorate both cakes and party rooms along this journey.

Jessica grew up in a big family where everyone got together for every birthday and holiday. Family, food, celebration and discussions around the table are the pieces of her childhood that she will carry on into her future family. Jessica grew up in Phoenix and came to Arizona State University to study public relations and Spanish. Her last meal would be beer-battered fish tacos, ceviche, chips and guacamole and tall glass of ice cold limeade. The aspect Jessica loves most about hostessing is how it reminds us of all the feasting we will do in heaven, like it says in Isaiah 25:6, “On this mountain the LORD Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for all peoples, a banquet of aged wine— the best of meats and the finest of wines.”

Sarah is a home-grown Arizonan who spent her childhood with a book in her lap and a craft project at hand.  She is a hostess and event planner at heart, known for planning her birthday parties a year in advance as a kid.  Sarah grew up helping her mom (whose great passion is baking) in the kitchen, but only recently has begun to pursue this art herself.  As a classy girl, Sarah loves all things Audrey Hepburn, as well as 1940s and 50s era films.  She is an adventurer and fashionista who loves to travel, drink tea, collage, promote sustainability, enjoy nature, and serve and worship Jesus.  Sarah’s last meal would include Pasta Da Vinci, a spinach and strawberry salad, tiramisu, and a glass of peach white iced tea.  Regarding hostessing, Sarah’s opinion is that “a successful hostess will create a loving atmosphere where anyone can walk into the room and feel absolutely accepted and cared for.”

Sarah was born in God’s country, the great state of Illinois, but migrated to Arizona at the age of 15. Her childhood consisted of playing barefoot in the grass with her three siblings and reading under the covers at night. Her interests include babies, books, music, the world, and deep conversations. On especially hard and stressful days she loves to relax by whipping up a batch of cookie dough. Although Sarah’s cooking skills in the past have been limited to hamburger helper and macaroni and cheese, she has recently expanded here repertoire to include dishes such as stuffed bell peppers and lemon salmon. Her last meal? Like a true mid-west girl, it would include steak, twice baked potatoes, and cheesecake. About hostessing Sarah says, “Inviting someone into your home and preparing what food for them is an intimate act of love.” She can not wait to love and be loved along side of the Hardly Perfect Hostesses.

Alexandria is a true Arizonan woman at heart if there ever was one! She was born in AZ and still resides here today as a proud Phoenician, but is ready to break the confinements of her cage and see worlds elsewhere. Things that stir her heart and make it come alive would include the following, but in no specific order, theater and being on stage, living free in God’s love as she was made to be, singing her heart out, going for runs, hiking the peaks, reading a book under a tree on the grass or in a hammock, traveling to unknown places, coffee shops, the idea of “not knowing,” speaking foreign languages, loving and knowing people, baby animals, baby humans, experimenting in the kitchen, fighting for social justice and the rights of humans, and last and most definitely not least, the king of her soul, Jesus. If she had to pick her last meal it would be grilled talapia with veggies, hummus and pita bread, guacamole and chips, a jones soda, and a brownie with vanilla ice cream or the national plate of Venezuela, Pabellon. However, do not let her easy going palate fool you in her hostessing abilities. Cooking for one is a hassle and inconvenience at times, which is why Alex is happy to expand on her hostessing abilities and creativity in the kitchen for the pure enjoyment of others. Alex says that “Cooking is an art, thus go create and include as many colors as possible…make it appealing to the eyes as well as the stomach!”


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