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Hipsters and Dollies October 11, 2010

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What a night: our 1950s cocktail party was a blast! We drank tasty mocktails, feasted on delicious hors d’oeuvres, played “parlor room” games, and enjoyed the company of friends.  The atmosphere was classy, thanks to our back patio decor, authentic dinnerware, and our guests and hostesses who looked smashing in their era clothes!  Overall, this night was a success, but it would have been impossible without two hostessing essentials: preparation and delegation.

Preparation: My mom played a huge role in planning for this party, but the most important and useful thing she taught me was to create a control binder of all the information needed for the event.  With tabs like “recipes”, “mocktails”, and “1950s slang words”, everything I needed was all in one place and made the night and preceding day much less stressful!

Delegation: As much as you can prepare, when it comes down to D-day you will not be able to throw such a party all by yourself.  Luckily I have some amazing friends who make delegating tasks easy.  A few of the hostesses came several hours early to help and even stayed after all the guests had left to start tackling the disaster left behind.  Josue (one of our guests) also kindly manned the mocktail bar and impressed us with his skills, while Anna brought the 50s jazz music, and Jessica Lee led us in games like “fishbowl” (charades taken to the next level) and “four on a couch”.  I experienced first hand that you can’t throw an amazing party by yourself (while keeping our sanity at least), so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I used a “control binder” to organize the details and several extra hands to accomplish what I could not.  What about you?  Do you have an organizational system that helps you carry out events or even your day to day life?


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