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Hostessing Thought For The Day October 7, 2010

Filed under: Planning — lisiemarie @ 6:00 pm

When hosting a party, it is important to keep in mind who you are hosting for. If you have a guest of honor, such as a birthday girl, base all that you do off of what you know about them.  Also keep in mind the group that you have attending.  Yesterday was Roomie Kelsey’s 20th, and Crystal and I threw a little shindig for her last night. When in Wal-Mart picking up necessary items such as fondant and other various forms of sugar, Crystal asked if we should get matching cups.  And the answer was no, because it was Kelsey’s party.  She was more than content having the guests drink their milkshakes out of various shaped mugs and destroying her cake by cutting it with a light up sword.  And if I had made the Star Wars theme any more obvious, she would have just thought I was a little weird.  By the same token, however, if I threw a party for Sarah Elise, she would be distracted and most likely unable to enjoy herself if the room didn’t pull itself together well.  Hostessing is not about me, but about those I am welcoming.


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