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Good Eats October 1, 2010

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…the other essential to a good party.  My apologies for how long it has taken me to post, unfortunately in a rush of school work and busy things, blogging falls down the list a bit.  But I have been anxious to share with you the recipes I used and the things I learned while cooking!

First, I can tell you about the drinks and the salad, as they were the simple part.  The drinks were an unexpected addition to the theme.  While grocery shopping, I found Safeway Brand French Berry Lemonade with unique glass bottles labeled “Made in France.”  Perfection.  For the salad, we tossed together the following ingredients for a take on one of the only salads I will personally eat 😉 :spinach, apples, honey roasted almonds, blue cheese and oil and vinegar.

(photo cred to thesodajerks.net. iguana not included.)

The nuts could be exchanged for walnuts and pecans, and feta cheese would have worked as well.

For the main course, I knew from the moment this party idea was conceived that I wanted to make croque monsieurs. We made them in my high school French class, and I remembered them being to die for.  Unable to contact Ms. V, my French teacher who consistently fed us delicious things, I did a simple Google search and found this recipe, where I learned that the name of the sandwich roughly translated means “Mister Crunchy.”  This of course made me smile and want to make these sandwiches even more.  I have a few pieces of advice. (Keep in mind that I was making four times the amount called for, which is a different experience in itself.)

1)  As I mentioned before, grating cheese is hard work.  Grate it the night before, or in shifts, or have a friend grate it.  Something.  There is a LOT of cheese in these, (I never said healthy, just fabulous) and it has to be grated somehow!  Preferably not when you are trying to build the sandwiches themselves.

2)  When grocery shopping, buy less ham.  I have about an entire extra box sitting in my fridge right now, waiting for one of my roomies to eat it.  I love Croque Monsieurs, but I am not a ham person.

3)  MAKE LESS SAUCE.  I REPEAT, MAKE LESS SAUCE.  When I began, in the midst of my flustered state, I forgot to quadruple my amounts.  So my first batch was 1/4 of the called for amount, and then I made the rest together.  The original, much smaller batch was exactly what we needed and I sadly ended up dumping an entire saucepan of sauce in our dumpster.  Unless you are planning another fancy french meal soon, it’s virtually unusable.  The sauce could also be made the night before to cut down on prep time.

Wrapped in foil and placed in a picnic basket, the sandwiches were kept warm (partially due to the heat) for us to enjoy!

That’s all I have for now. Miss Amy will be posting soon on about the crepes she lovingly took on for me, and you can ask my lovely guests how it tasted. 🙂


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