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I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends September 26, 2010

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I think that when I imagined hosting my party, I pictured myself as well, the Hostess with the Mostest.  Wearing my apron and my pearls, my hair would be curled and it wouldn’t frizz out from the heat of the kitchen.  I would clean my kitchen to sparkling both before and after cooking.  I would have perfectly planned assembly lines and enough pans and the timing of all of the cooking would fit together nicely.  And through all of the hours of cooking and the party itself I would remain calm, with a welcoming smile on face.

However, my day looked much more like the hardly perfect part of this blog than the perfect hostess part.  My kitchen was a disaster.  I started to make the recipe without changing the proportions to the needed amount.  I didn’t have time to curl my hair.  I dropped a measuring cup full of cheese into my sink  (I put a lot of effort into that cheese.  Grating is much more difficult than one would think).  The timing of moving sandwiches in and out of the oven was off.  One of the hostesses (who shall remain nameless)  caught a baking sheet on the counter and sent bread, ham, and the precious grated cheese all over our living room carpet.  I was twenty minutes late to my own party.

(me in my kitchen frantically cooking.  even the picture is blurry! )

But it came together, and it came together beautifully.  The reason it came together?  My friends.  My wonderful friends.  The number one lesson I learned about hostessing today was to know your friends’ strengths, and to be willing to ask for help.  Anna came over and buttered bread slice after bread slice.  Amy took the opportunity to learn to flip a crepe and whipped some up for my dessert, after helping me plan and grocery shop.  Sarah not only made my invitations, she helped fill the crepes in Amy’s apartment, and then came to mine to help build sandwiches.  Jessica both transported food and threw together a fantastic salad.  Even people who were not hostesses helped – Amy’s roommate Amy helped fill crepes,  Aubreigh helped Alex shoot fantastic photos and Coley contributed one of my very favorite pieces of the party.  She took black Sharpie to my white paper cups and created art, personalizing each one with both the guest’s name and a lovely french inspired drawing.

The preparation hardly went as planned, but the party came together perfectly like I imagined, thanks to the incredible hostesses.

(more posts to come this week, including photos, recipes, and more!)


3 Responses to “I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends”

  1. amicitaluisa Says:

    It truly was a wonderful event, with delicious food and beautiful women.

  2. Agreed! Once everything came together and we were all sitting on the blankets, it was so fun and really nice! All the food was soooo good, but I think my personal favorite was the Italian soda. Great job Annalise!!!

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