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Makin’ My Dreams Come True September 12, 2010

Filed under: Dressing — lisiemarie @ 1:14 am

she used to tie her hair up in ribbons & bows

sign her letters with x’s and o’s

got a picture of her momma in heels & pearls

she’s gonna make it in her daddy’s world

she’s an american girl

I found so much joy this morning as I dressed for Sarah’s party.  We all have those childhood dreams that never quite became reality, the fairy tales we longed to be a part of but that were always a few steps out of reach.  The sad thing is that often, as we become old enough to find and buy that perfect dress, to go on the adventure we’d always imagined, we’ve forgotten our fairy tales and picked up and moved on with our lives.

For me, a few silly childhood hopes came true this morning.  Silly, but beautiful just the same.  One example is the “Heidi Braid”  that I always loved dearly, the hairstyle from my first day of kindergarten.  AnnaBananaBread brought this to life with her gifted hands:

AmicitaLuisa called me “Lisie” all day long, the nickname I attempted to give myself in the third grade that no one else caught onto. And thirdly, the dress.  Oh, the dress.

A few weeks ago, in light of attempting to “update” my wardrobe, I drug a pile of sundresses to sort through into AmicitaLuisa’s kitchen to ask her advice on which ones to send off to Goodwill.  (*tip: Goodwill drop-off boxes are no longer licensed by Goodwill, but rather scams for the clothing to be sold at a much higher price.  Drive to the store itself or a staffed drop-off station.*). My mom and I picked this dress a few years ago for me to wear to a wedding.  It’s white with darling pink flowers scattered across and a pink ribbon tying it together.  As my good friend and I discussed, however, there’s a point where the dress makes me a happy little girl and there’s a point where I look like a little girl. After deciding to get rid of it, along came the invitation to this party!  Perfect for the dress’s last hurrah, one that made me feel like the flower child I always longed to be.

So, to our beautiful hostess of this morning:

You made childhood dreams come true.


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